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Obama Circuit Equation

[Wide angle image of Earth from space]


“Reacting to a {climate truth}-of-spiking-heat” and a backlog of unexecuted rules, the Obama White House has been building statistical C02 equations “unattempted yet by other admins”—-symbolizing tailpipe gas and (maybe not) the methane from e.g., each bison. The way the rhythm goes in fine print just released: “Under Executive Order 12866, agencies are required, to the extent permitted by law, “to assess both the costs and the benefits of the intended regulation…”


What Costs and Benefits? How? Ultimately:

“Maybe the feeble lakes and swamps

Of the back country will get plugged into the circuit   

And not just the major events but the whole incredible

Mass of everything happening simultaneously and pairing off.”

New gases were found to be implied in the Clean Air Act. So, not far off(?): executive orders could allow for some kind of Foundation study of planetary destiny: the statistical, future-tracking of masses, the big equations that say: “This is what’s going to happen to all of us” could point toward the existence of free will, etc. In the meantime, could there be mail-in forms with blanks about household resource use? Yes (not now—-but soon): If the Common Law is a living thicket—-And a(nother) constitutional law professor president and his cabinet can find a way to reread the Clean Air Act and do an end-run around a immobile entity that includes congress.

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Death +/- Gloves

Second One: There’s a checkout counter receipt coming: In one vision, there’s probably: bisphenol A on the surface of the thermal sheet that just got metal-tooth-ripped and handed over. Thousands, millions of BPAs: two nanohexagons carboned together over and over in ink and the paper’s rubbing off on fingers: in another world there they are, the molecules heading dowgullet toward glands. At which point: who knows? Someone says that the nanochains are heading to help some cells build tumors and cancer death cemetery silk flower displays. So, maybe time for work gloves…?

Second Two: “Oh, I don’t need a receipt. Thanks.”

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Anonymous asked: If you were a dinosaur what kind of dinosaur would you be?



 ”2030s” asteroid death is casting shade [wwwwwhhhhh-ush]— already:

If I were crunching next to lava flows,

and strangers fiended through the jungle brush:
(1.) “RRRRAAAWR!” / (2.) “Danger! Danger! 
Babies to nest”
then would I think: ‘Oh, yeah,
somewhere Light
above me sparks in in night pictures
from a metal rock that I’d never eat’?
Would I think to start a night watch team to
slingshot coconut mountains against it
for the safety of the day? Maybe not.
And who would find some bones like mine
 in m[etal/uddy] sha[d/ll]ows
caked and dried and packed and 
baked up into hills:
who/me? and my egg selves saying 
that the dust on
us had something tinny to it?

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400 PPM


A worldwide climate change legend has a new chapter about 400 ppm - the atmosphere has hit 400 parts carbon dioxide to million whatever the atmosphere is made of - as if this C02-level might do something to the sky—with “red lines” of gassy heat bounced in from the sun/etc snaking upward to the atmosphere where they trapped like birds inside greenhouse glass, heating and distorting the world-under-the-blue-dome: mega(er)-churning hurricanes targeting your coast, mega(er)-wildfires, super(er)-droughts, etc.

Hmmm…in movies we’re somehow going to space. In movies about movies, the atmosphere is kind of like that story about the map, the map that is made to cover the entire Empire:

the Cartographers Guilds struck a Map of the Empire whose size was that of the Empire, and which coincided point for point with it….

And much later:

there are Tattered Ruins of that Map, inhabited by Animals and Beggars; in all the Land there is no other Relic of the Disciplines of Geography.

Speaking of which, there could always be new maps to make about the Earth and the atmosphere. So many textures. It could be a hoax like in that one Michael Crichton book about the poles. It could be a hoax like the legend where there’s a Michael Crichton-ish writer who realizes that there’s demand for a book about how climate change is a hoax. Or C: both A and B. Speaking of map-making, 400 PPM, it could also be like the story of the anarchist wasps and cartographer bees: the heat goes up, the map changes, and the people who don’t believe in (the) order end up losing their land to the mapmakers. The conquerors have their stingers ready and give their order: “Write!” 

Moving along.

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Work Time


1. At what point is it better to stop talking about the weight of a lifestyle on what’s around it? (Тhe ecofootprint from the time that you bought shrimp, and they ended up clearing some mangroves in Thailand or somewhere to raise more shrimp/tilapia in industrial lagoons and the fisherman who lost their seashore-jungle ended up going inland to clear trees to plant crops and the ambient temperature and temperature extremes possibly went up, which maybe you felt back in America, looking out through the fine dust blowing across the Pacific from Asia, which was the moment when you thought about buying a drink, before you went out to garden and…)

2. At what point is it time to stop saying organic and “be like,” it’s good to eat organic and finally change clothes and start—

3. There are times when worrying about moving tomatoes across state lines seems like something to do: it seems like a time to protect them from the greenhouse heat of a car and take them into the mall to possibly decide against finding “some kind of respectability outfits” …but then, really, you’re driving, and…

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The Desert o[f/r] Los Angeles

Say you have a friend who wonders whether Los Angeles should exist. They would go on about how their desert-hermit role model wouldn’t approve of a city like LA; their role model would see it as a “vampire weakening the desert water sacred to the Havasupai tribe and so many other first nations.” In her desert critic vision, “LA is basically a big irrigation project with huge aqueducts siphoning water off from the Colorado River through hundreds of miles of tubular aqueducts.”

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Why spend a “college bookstore amount of money” on an econometrics textbook? That much money adds up to, oh, basically enough to buy a month of eating bulk chickpeas, kale, peanut butter, or something.

Why spend that much? Maybe because when Karl Marx looked at corn and iron and when he looked at a table, he imagined that the ghost of exchange value was hovering behind it, a seemingly arbitrary and possibly menacing value. He seemed to believe that this abstraction runs roughshod over something called use value, the real, raw, sticky, crunchy, directly cravable part of life. Flowing arbitrarily, though? Really? Aren’t there reasons for all these prices? 

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Surviving a Sunstorm at Home


 So, you try to check your phone for Facebook updates. It feels like the right thing to do.

The phone doesn’t even light up. The battery was full and it won’t even turn on. Hmmm….

You open your computer. You’re going to zombie through the Huffington Post, the Drudge Report, whatever.

Nothing. The same thing. Black screen.

You’re at a window and try turning on the lights. Nothing. No light. Which is when you notice: the hum of electronics is missing. No noise from the fridge.

This is maybe what an electromagnetic storm sounds like: a solar flare knocking out electric infrastructure. Poof: there’s no “quick way” to get in touch with people on the other side of the world, or across town.

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This Article is About Taxing Stock Options?


Somewhere supercomputers are maybe reading this post. Somewhere supercomputers are extracting keywords from this post and aggregating them with keywords from other articles and Twitter feeds. They’re tracking the frequency of words and overcoding them with an algorithm that is gaming out the chances that, yes, there will be a stock market  transaction tax in Europe and/or the US and/or somewhere like Japan. Other investment algorithms will have to [be] adjust[ed] accordingly because there will surely be, on balance, less of a profit to make from high-frequency trading, right? The kind of high-frequency trading that supposedly entered an amplifying feedback loop that triggered an emergency at the New York stock exchange and other exchanges around the world. The Flash Crash was somehow markets around the world automatically (read: automatedly) plunging as the software at quantitatively-driven firms responded to the software at other firms. People panicked and some watched icily as their assets plunged and rebounded. 

These algorithms and the former economics and finance majors who run them are all maybe “wondering” in their various ways: where do we go from here? Some people are asking: what are we going to do: we get our Christmas Lexus leases from this HFT money; we were going to send our kids to that boarding school or that somehow-expensive Quaker day school. “We were even thinking of investing in a fixer-upper farm (beach house) out in Hunt Country (the Cotswolds, the Hamptons, etc) But one of them could think that maybe in the long run a Tobin Tax would make it easier to get that dream life that “I’m kind of just pretending to already have(?) Do I like the hypothetically easy money that I can skim off a robo-driven market swing? How do I say that some parts of me are claiming: denomadize this life and the bucking markets that it seems to mirror?”

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Semi-Droned Law

Laser-beaming robots could be flying over Yemen now. Or who knows, they could be practice-bombing targets over US soil, launched by guidelines just-discovered-to-have-lurked-there-latent in the Anglo-Saxon Common Law. This semi-droned specter animates an entire legal system whose pasts-that-pass-for-reasons stretch back deep past mead-halls—it stretches back to pasts that are maybe older than a monster-darkened wilderness, with roots that seem specifically to grow from Runnymede where an English King signed vellum on the meadow, where an English King surrendered sovereign rights to barons who’d put together something called the Magna Carta. And the Magna Carta has all these crucial parts in it like: “NO Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed…” With a seal melted onto the vellum or whatever they used to sign it, every single man (or, like, in some revised spin-off documents: every person) would be subject to the law of the land, one big zone-continuum under the rule of some legitimate paper; and after British law gave birth to a rebel-baby US version—and also after an American version expanded—now the law could be everywhere, maybe out on other planets. Forever.

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